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The first time I asked him to move all his stuff out he did just that immediately, so I expect he’ll do it again, just so he can keep on side with me…until the next time! I have experience of a control freaks, and he is one, and I understand how they operate - blank featureless face, wide open unblinking eyes when confronted about something, and he will no doubt try to get back on good terms with me because it’s in his best interests.

But now I surely cannot trust him, so as far as I’m concerned good riddance. The pity of it is his wife, who is a very vulnerable woman. She and I have no issues. Maybe I’ll be hardened enough to allow better relations later on but with MY eyes wide open and innocent, but very watchful!

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Forgot to mention. I decided to get legal opinion this morning and will do so next week.


Thank goodness for that, we are all behind you.

I’ve learnt that in rural france it’s as well to exercise one’s legal rights with great tact and diplomacy rather than taking a provocative stand. And dumping logs would be that to my mind. If a neighbour did that to me, my first thought would be that they were trying to deliberately annoy as otherwise they would have asked me to do it.

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Is that really your surname Tracey?


Mark, Is that really your dog? Looks like you have my mine!

Yep, a French English setter called Syd. Over to you…

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Better not …don’t want to go off topic :open_mouth:


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We don’t worry about going off topic here


I am starting to see that from the threads I have already read. It makes a refreshing change. :slightly_smiling_face:
You have a lovely community here :hugs:

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Guess that’s a “no” then

That’s because we are open and have nothing (much) to hide


All was good till the …“much” :worried:

Anglo is an unusual surname Tracey, where’s it from?

Hi Véronique / Mark
It is my name but slightly abbreviated. With new Privacy laws I prefer it like that. Please PM me if you need further info but I have already provided my full details when registering on this forum.
I trust this is OK
Tracey x

Tracey we all give our full names on this Forum, it is in compliance with the Terms and Conditions.


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So If I had put Tracey Andrews nothing would have been said?

Yes, it’s a condition of membership.

Good news folks. My neighbour has removed his motor scooter from my workshop and he has moved his car back to where it was originally.

Tomorrow morning I shall go see if he has removed all his other things that I stashed near the workshop door. I fully expect all to be gone.

Will let you know the outcome, and thanks so much for your support. Much appreciated.


Hi Bruce.

I would still have a word with the Maire to let him know what has been happening and ask about the advisability of letting the neighbour continue to park his car on your land. Also, don’t forget to get your key back.


Or change the lock