Property revaluation for Tax F. and Tax H

Has anyone had their property re-assessed for tax Fon. and Hab. because they think that their charges are too high?
I have a holiday home near Le Teilleul which is 3 bedroomed house built 1906, with a wooden garage and shed, a colombage barn and the old original small colombage house and stables which are derelict, but have a good roof.
3/4 acre of ground mainly grass.
My TF is 1120Eu and my TH is 990Eu. these seem very high for what the property is.
There was a son who had a wine business there of a previous French owner over 20 years ago.

How does one go about getting it inspected please?

How long have you owned the property???

You need to check the ‘taux d’imposition’ for your commune. If your commune has an exceptionally high rate then your taxes will be high.

If you want it reassessed then you need to talk to the tax office that sends you your avis.

Of course the danger with getting it reassessed is that your taxes might go up rather than down.

If you scroll down for example, you’ll find a list showing the evolution of the taux d’imposition in the main towns. Your commune might not be listed but if you compare your taux d’imposition (which you will find on the back of your avis) with the figures in the table, you’ll get an idea of whether it’s one of the more expensive or one of the cheaper communes to live in.

TBH it doesn’t look outrageous to me. If I was a non resident I would pay nearly that for a smaller property.

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Thanks Anna i will check.
I have owned the property for 8 years.

What has made you suddenly query this ???
Has the tax changed very much over the last 8 years ???

Of course, it is worth checking that the classification is correct… eg Residential not
Commercial… since you mention that there was a wine business there in the past… but I would have thought that situation would have raised its head before now.

You can ask for the property to be revalued… but as previously mentioned… this can backfire.

Before contacting the Centre des Impots Foncier… a simple query to your Mairie asking when the property was last “valued”…(or if it has been revalued)… might give you the answer you seek… without causing you any financial problems… :wink:

Thanks Stella for the info.
I thought it was expensive compared to other properties when i bought it.
I think i will go and see the Marie and ask when it was valued.
It has gone up around 200Eu in 8 years.

Did you compare it with other properties in the same commune?
The property taxes on a property in commune A, can easily be half or double the property taxes on an identical property in commune B.

Ah…the “value/base figure” of mine has gone up by about 200€ in the last 20 years… but it will go up again by 20% this year, due to the “figure” being corrected after an inspection last year by the Géometre… oops. (that’s another story and definitely not my fault… and at least they did not backdate it by 20 years)