Protest against Donald Trump's Visit to UK

There is to be an initial protest against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK starting at 11 am in Trafalgar Square on the 4th June organised by the Stop Trump Coalition.
This is even more relevant as the talk this morning is that his military advisors are warning him that a invasion of Iran would be disastrous.
Trump makes Brexit pale into insignificance, which is totally frightening.


Good to see project fear is alive and well.:grinning:

Then stay in your bubble Tim and pretend there is nothing to worry about, and pretend you had ‘no idea’ when it hits the fan. There are many hstorical precedents to support you.


Donny is well into his presidency Norm and the sky hasn’t fallen down yet, what exactly do you think is going to happen to frighten us?

Tim, having some slight knowledge of Iran and the Middle East in general - I was in Bahrain then the Shah of Persia justifiably was overthrown. Anyone eg Bolton, who thinks the Iranian Rupublican Guard will be a pushover is in for a HUGE surprise! Short of Nuclear War I would back them against US invading forces any day of the week. This is NOT Iraq by a long, long way.

Trump and hs heros believe they can stomp on any Nation they feel like - and THAT is the major thing to fear. Remember a small event called the Vietnam War? It lasted ten years against a country that didn’t even have single warplane to its name and the US had complete cntrol over the skies - and they still lost.

Trump is your bog standard bully boy as were other Presidents before him - and all making the same mistakes of underestimating opposition and over-estimating their own.
You know why? Because they believe that mass equates victory and expects to meet weaker ‘msss’ and game over. Sorry people have we learned nothing since 9/11?

Second, Russia is an ally of Iran. Ho!Ho!I hear your derisory call from here. Again don’t mis-read the runes. You obviously approve of Trump’s ultra-Nationalist view of the World, well guess what? Iran, Russia and China also have ultra-Nationalists - and guess what again? They don’t like the USA very much, least of all Trump and his minions.

I could go on and on, but you asked a basic question and I have provided just a few reasons why we should all be woried about the guy in the White House - AND a huge bulk of the American Electorate, and ditto with those supporting Brexit in the UK.

THere is almost zero way of holding a nuclear war with anything like impunity for any side. That means boots on the ground or ships in the seas. Guess what? The Persian Gulf (note the 'Persian’bit - Itan’s former name) are shallow waters and narrow particularly in the Straits of Hormusz. That means only big ships heading in a straight line can get through. They are terrible traps for big ships that the USA intends to deploy - there is not enough space nor depth to deploy forces rapidly and safely. Guess what? yet again - Why does not Iran have heavy warships? Because they know their own waters, and light MTBs will do severe damage to the huge ships of the US Sixth Fleet.
So what about the rest of the World? China owns some 60% of the USA debt. It wouldn’t happen under any normal circircumstances, but as the USA is protesting about China’s 'aggression in the South China Sea (again note the name?) with the 20 plus islands they are making into military bases. Guess what? Boring isn’t it? The USA have more than 100 bases in the waters - aimed at who exactly? What will China do?

With no Warsaw Pact why have the NATO '(ergo USA forces) placed Missiles etc. on the borders of Russia in Poland and Ukraine? I think we can reasonably agree on which direction these are facing? Do you think Russia hasn’t noticed?

Now what about South America where the USA want to place ‘security forces’ in Venezuala even though no-one has asked them to. Funny about the oil reserves there isn’t it? Purely coincidental of course (hah!)
Just in case you think I am scaremongering, I happend to be directly involved, albeit in a very minor role when the USA decided to arm Ghadifi in Libya in 1969. Why? Well bugger me - they have oil there don’t they? Coincidental again of course. Ever wonder why the US 6th Fleet in based in the Med.? To try and stop Russia coming out from the Black Sea. Who gave the USA security rights over the Mediterranean Sea? Why now are US Warplanes flying over the area? Where is the threat to US Security?

Yet you ask me why I find the USA concerning? Maybe I should join you in your bubble?


A lot of what Trump says is just bluster Norm, he’s getting ready for next year’s election campaign which has pretty much already started. If you are seriously telling me that he’s about to start WW3 then I’m glad to be living in my bubble, but there’s not room for you. :grinning:

Keep it up Norman. It’s very refreshing and reassuring to hear an informed voice, and a solid historical perspective on America’s delusions of world hegemony.

Trump will eventually suffer the fate of all demagogues. Perhaps not the bullet in the bunker like Hitler or hanging from a lamp-post like Mussolini, but something just as ignominious, I expect.

Their bubbles certainly popped, and so will his I reckon.

PS I feel very light-hearted and full of bon-homie in commenting thus, a mood I intend to nurture from now on in, thanks to you in great part :hugs::grinning:

I wonder what Prince Charles will serve for tea with the Donald? I guess it will be egg-and-cress sandwiches, whole-grain bread with the crusts cut off, and custard cream biscuits with Earl Grey tea.

Hopefully he will simply serve his two terms and the US political pendulum will swing away from right wing extremism…

So far he has shown no attempt (as far as I know) to avoid the democratic process in 2020 but if he gets back in then who knows - he was prepared to use emergency powers over the funding for his wall so I wouldn’t put it past him to pull some trick to get around the two term limit. If he does that I think I’ll book my place on the next trip to Mars.

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Well, Paul, you could be right about his second term, it’s not inconceivable. I think the majority of Americans are so isolated from any sense of the world outside their bit of turf that they will likely buy into any nonsense they’re served up. Bless their God-fearing hearts.

But Trump looks to me, a fairly seasoned person-watcher, increasingly fissured, restless, and hungry for emotional ‘supply’. There is a twitchy vulnerability about his self-presentation, something that presages collapse, although what form it will take is yet to take shape in my mind. I think it will involve his son-in-law Kushner. There is “something of the night” about him, in my view. We shall see…:thinking::expressionless: