Providing limbs for free

I came across this group by chance… so nice to hear of folk doing so much good…

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Check out the video of the children opening a Christmas present… :hugs:

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Thats great Stella.
I have here 3 prosthetics, total leg, with titanium knee joints, guess what? No one wants them !
I have tried various charities, including Handicap International, among others. When there are people in the world who have a great need for these I just cannot understand it !
Even the fitters and suppliers of them in Limoges don’t want them back !
Obviously they are impossible to post anywhere as they are heavy and awkward, but these are expensive products and IMHO should be used to help others … :thinking:

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I should perhaps explain that from the knee up is a personal made to measure ‘shell’ that can be removed by a professional ( similar to the photo I have found). This would enable the rest to be used … no takers !

It’s amazing isn’t it, especially when we know there are parts of the world where such things are really needed/could be put to good use…

Let’s pass the word, there must be some sort of organization that takes things like this. :thinking::thinking:

I do hope so Stella as I have tried everything, so have my French friends on my behalf.
CPAM refer me to the suppliers, they don’t want to know. Red Cross, Emmaus, Handicap International same story, can’t remember the others my friends tried but they did a lot of telephoning all to no avail.

Maybe someone on here will come up trumps ( no, not Donald although he is a bit of a lame duck) :wink:


Try Medecins Sans Frontières.

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