Public Inquiry into Impacts of Brexit

Richard Wilson, Vice Chair of European Movement UK has asked me to sign a petition to investigate the Impacts of Brexit.
Please all of you sign and ass it on to as many as you can.
Thank you.

I don’t quite understand and the link does not lead anywhere.
Who will investigate?
If there is an independent body that wants to investigate, why do they need a petition, surely they can simply go ahead.
If the petition is wanting HMG to investigate, what’s the point? We already know what their conclusions will be.

The link is simply an email address…

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Ah so it is.

Sorry I will post the name of the petition on the government website.

I recall a petition about the Brexit Vote Outcome… the petition reached sufficient numbers to “be discussed” and, as promised, it was discussed - but not In Parliament as you might expect… it was an outer group who discussed and got nowhere…
I suspect this latest petition will have the same outcome…

“It’s been discussed… that’s it”

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No more petitions for me, a complete waste of time.


There have been numerous reports from various bodies in recent weeks detailing the negative impacts of Brexit. The facts are there but those who wish to deny them will continue to find ways of them. I do not see what purpose another investigation will serve.


Petitions unfavourable to the Government are usually
discussed in Westminster Hall at a difficult time.
They fulfil their duty but with as little enthusiasm as possible.

Given the incredible problems facing the country at present, there are a hundred more important things Parliament should be discussing imo.

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Dear Jane,

I’m writing to you today to ask if you’ll sign the petition that my local European Movement branch, Leeds for Europe, has started on the government website. We’re calling for a public inquiry into the impacts of Brexit – because we deserve answers about why the benefits we were promised have never materialised.

It is time that the people of this country were told the truth about Brexit, good or bad. We deserve to know how Brexit is impacting trade, the economy, opportunities for young people and the rights of individuals. This can only be done by an independent Public Inquiry, free from ideology and the opinions of vested interests.

At the time of writing over 67,000 have already signed, and the numbers are climbing by the hour. We need to get to 100,000 to ensure a debate in Parliament – so please will you add your name?

Demand a Public Inquiry!

The government don’t want to talk about this, so we have to hold them to account. We – and a growing number of the British public - think it is time for a reckoning.

The reality is that if this petition attracts over 100,000 signatures it will have to be considered for debate in parliament. If even more people sign, then it will become even harder for our political leaders to ignore.

Signing takes just a moment:

Add your name here!

After you’ve signed don’t forget to get others to sign too! This petition has the potential to achieve something and to be another step closer on the road to rejoin.

My branch, Leeds for Europe, is one of 137 branches across the UK. We work tirelessly, from running events and fundraising to campaigning to defend and uphold European rights, standards, and values in the UK. European Movement is the movement that is taking up the fight, and our movement is 100% people powered.

Together, we can change things.

Best wishes,

Richard Wilson

Chair, Leeds for Europe

Vice Chair, European Movement UK

P.S. Members are the lifeblood of European Movement UK; the only pro-European mass-membership organisation in the UK. You can become a part of European Movement UK too by joining today.

European Movement UK
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Obviously standard wording… as this mimics the previous Petition about “The Vote”.
100,000 signatures meant it had to be “considered for debate in parliament”.
It was “considered” alright, but by a small, insignificant group, who decided it didn’t warrant being debated in parliament… !!!

I’ll sign a Petition will can guarantee a full debate in Parliament, on reaching xyz signatures!!



I agree, but that doesn’t mean I will give up. The impact of BREXIT is nothing short of catastrophic for many many people. The pressure needs to be kept up on whichever government is running the country.