Public Swimming Pool rules?

Can anyone explain the reason for the rule that men must wear "budgie smugglers" in public pools in France? My teenage son was mortified to be loaned a skimpy pair of trunks by an attendant and told he wasn't allowed in the pool in baggy shorts! (His sister however thought the whole incident to be hilarious!)

Archimedes was only thinking about inanimate bodies. Eureka!

Making assumptions only makes an ass out of you and me.

Are you sure? that's the fundamental basis of fluid dynamics, it can't be wrong. My shorts however were not displacing they were absorbing.

I may be somethings but getting into a pool in this weather??? no it was all done in the interests of several people posting about the amount of water shorts drain from the pool but in the bathroom sink and a washing up bowl and measuring jug.

French commercial pools must replace 30ltrs of water per bather per day so they still need 29.5 litres of fresh water if shorts are worn.

Don't get me started on what a stupid rule 30ltrs of water is unless it goes into a holding tank and ultra filtered (RO) and then re used.

I find it much funnier, and not a little sad, that Alton Towers has banned budgie or ostrich or pteranodon smugglers and insists on the billowing shorts so that other swimmers are not offended! Not good.

Why aye man ! You and Nico should get together and talk about the good old days on the north-east riviera !

Rumour has it the germans bombed Hartlepool in WW2 and inflicted £50 million of IMPROVEMENTS !!!

I hope you're not taking the mickey of my place of birth! Hartlepool is definitely sur mer, and is a much improved location these days. (I left there at the end of the 60s but go back regularly to visit relatives.)

All offers of employment will be considered.

I asked a pool attendant why not shorts and he said that "youths" would come in their dirty football shorts ! Most pools have a vending machine which sells tight fitting swim trunks - I think called "maillot". I have to admit to owning a pair of budgie smugglers but I wouldn't be seen outside my garden in them!

you people don't have enough to do

Proof that Archimedes was not always right. Sometimes the volume of water displaced is not proportional to the volume of the body immersed therein.........

Really, A HUGE amount of water? I have just tested mine, from total water immersion, quickly transferred to a bowl so as to not lose water (normally climbing out would drain back into the pool). 500ml that's 1/2 a litre. Bombing will empty quicker but natural evaporation will lose more.

I used to hate kids (including mine) using our gite pool in baggies, when they climbed out of the pool the amount of water they dripped around the edge was huge, of course they are not in the pool to swim lengths, but to have fun, clamber out and dive bomb continuously (using even more water !!) That wasn't too much of a problem when we could fill the pool quickly but in our last season we had a water pressure problem and it took ages to fill the pool.

Wouldn't have a pool again though I did love watching the swallows dipping whilst I was cleaning it a real pleasure !

We were on holiday in France some 20-25 years ago when my husband fell foul of this new rule. We were told at the time it was for hygiene purposes. We didn't go down the sweaty kid routine thankfully. Yuk! And as for spending 20k on your own pool, you will be able to skinny dip then, so no debate on trunks needed!!!

Ok, listen carefully I will say this only once!

Unless french men and women in some cases remove the body hair too lice will be just as happy slightly further north. Lice become inactive in water, even chlorinated but wake up again once out of the water. They are not free swimming so cling to the hair and are not removed by swimming.

Although some of the french may attend the piscine to do their weekly wash they will look dopey walking back out onto the street in wet clothes.

Swimming shorts also have a lining (mine do anyway) so are just as efficient at keeping any pets in their home.

It's just a fashion disaster, unless you are part horse in which case it saves time on chat up lines!

Best to get your own pool as they are a lot nicer than sharing and you can wear exactly what you want or not.

I wouldn't want to blow his cover. Let's just say he has the inside track. He's connected to a high-powered underground pipeline, in more ways than one. He knows when François Hollande pulls the plug in his bathtub in the Elysée. He knows when Marine Le Pen flushes her toilet.

Ted your day will come! My washboard abs, and 28" waste is now a 34" and even then still look stupid in speedos.

The point made about wearing the shorts outside is partially valid as filtration systems would get dirtier quicker but they are regularly back washed.

What about the supposed shorts swimmer who then has to go back outside into the street in sloppy wet shorts?

It's a rule but there is very very little to support it's ideas.