Publicity for published e-books


I have just published my first e-book, which is a guide to moving to Brittany. Do any of you have any advice on how to get more publicity? I have already contacted the main magazines (and already have good relationships with most from my published articles) but i was wondering if any body had further advice?

here is a link and I would appreciate any advice One way ticket to Brittany, france

many thanks

I don't have any experience of non-fiction, I'm a novelist, so can't help you from that point of view but I did republish my previously published paperback novels as ebooks and all I can tell you is that the publicity is incredibly hard work!

It might be worth looking at at some of the sites that publicise ebooks - some charge, some don't, and also trying to get yourself a presence on Amazon, people do look on there; That means getting review. A lot of the publicity sites demand at least 10 reviews, which isn't going so difficult for those aiming at the American market as it's so huge, but for thise aiming at the Brits it's hard.