Publicity, looking for journalists!

My charity event for May 14th is formulating very well.
Venue and date established.
Most artists very happy with arrangements and sound equipment
and staging all in hand.
Organising the exact menu in hand.
We need publicity for the charity and for the artists.
We need to spread the word to journalists etc.
The venue is charming and ethereal…plum trees and woods and old fashioned cosy…
It will be a little “Puttin on the Ritz” and bringing the best of a British tea time
towards some French perfection.
Then we have the fashion show…a little extrordinaire…an expressive young man
will capture the charm of the country side and you will love it.
Then the music…and the art.
All for a great cause…raising money to help cats and dogs.

Call your local newspaper, Barbara, or write them an article and drop it at their office. Talk to the Syndicat d’Initiative / Office de Tourisme.

ah yes of course.

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