Pump for u/ground garden water tank not drawing up water

We have a large underground rainwater tank that I use for watering the flowers.
I’ve got an electric water pump that just stands by the opening and I lower a large hose down into the tank.
In winter the pump goes into store and I’ve just taken it out and put the hose into the tank, primed the pump and turned it on.
So far I have used 3 full watering cans to prime the pump. The pump itself seems to be working fine, but I just cannot get any water drawn up from the tank through the pump.
It’s never been a problem before, even on first using after winter. Any suggestions please?

It looks something like this one …

Silly question, but are you getting wet feet ? (No drain valve).
I use something similar, maybe the non return valve on the input is stuck so all your priming water is going straight into the tank. You could try raising the inlet pipe just t above the pump body so that the water stays in the pump itself. I normally prime mine, switch it on and leave it for a few mins, usually works but they can be a bit temperamental.

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We have the same pump - normally it takes a couple of primes to get it working at the start of the season - and allowing it to run for a couple of minutes to draw the water up from 7m down.

You’re right Mark, it has to be that. Where would I find the non return valve please?

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It could be on the bottom of the pipe, known as a foot valve but its a non return. They can get gunked up and or diaphragm splits etc.

Its usually just a flappy bit of rubber inside the inlet of the pump

Thank you everyone. I’ll investigate further.

Just to say thanks for the advice everyone. I bought a new hose yesterday and the pump is working fine.
Badly needed too as it’s been so dry over the last few weeks.

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Great that it’s working now, Sue!
It’s very wet and windy here - shall I try to wave it in your direction? :smiley:

Um? Yes please but only at night. :grin:

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Windy at night - our dog suffers with this, or more accurately we do!

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