Pupils creating a podcast to help people improve their listening skills in French!

Hello !

I am a teacher in France and we started working on recording podcasts in “slow French” with my pupils this semester to help foreigners improve their listening skills. We wrote and recorded 7 episodes so far, and will release one every week !!

To listen to it, there are different options ( depending on what device you use) :

  • If you are using a smartphone or a tablet : you can find the podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Breaker, Radio public, and Pocketcasts by typing " Beaulieu slow French"

  • On any devices : you can check out our website to find both the scripts and the audios WEBSITE

  • If you are into social medias : you can join the group « Beaulieu slow french » on Facebook HERE

I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will help you improve ur french!!

Ps it is free of charge and always will remain free as it is a school project !!


Welcome Fanny, nice first post :+1:


This is a great initiative and I’d encourage all SF members to share it to anyone who might be interested using your personal social media accounts.

Well done Fanny!

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Just looked…very good and what lovely speaking voices too!

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Just brilliant! Well done. And thanks for having it available on a website - not all of us are on Facebook.

Great to have the words there as well as the recording.

This will be really beneficial for both of us. OH especially struggles with hearing - he reads well and is good on grammar but has problems with speech, so slowing it down is really beneficial.


Thanx a lot for the encouragement!! I hope this will be useful to people! The kids are really into it now and they work hard for the project, so I’m very excited for them to share their work ! Please let us know how it goes !!