Puppies need good homes

My labrador found a new friend (black collie x)and now I have 4 puppies to find homes for. Pup%20photo.jpg They are 15 weeks old and adorable with wonderful temperament like their Mum. Please contact me, they are free, I just want to find good homes for them very soon.

Hello Jane, I have sent you a message personally but will put it here too, we would love one of your pups we had a wonderful very faithful collie cross for 17 years and would like another but we live so far away in Pays de la loire department 53, unless you know of anyone coming our way.

Jane, wishing you all the best in finding them homes.

To be able to rehome them, they have to be microchipped, so please place their chip numbers here or that of mum as soon as you can . Not only is it a legal obligation but it will protect them in their future lives - ask potential adoptants to reimburse you for this too as it helps to make people aware that there are costs involved in responsible pet ownership.