Puppy and Dog Care - A Very Handy Dog Reference

Just to let you know that there is a puppy and dog care website available that is currently under development (by me, as the web designer not the dog specialist) and is being added to all the time.

The website offers help and advice on dog ownership from the first day to the last covering all aspects of dog and puppy care. The dog specialist is called Alexandra Santos and she is a qualified Canine behaviour consultant and trainer.

I have found it really interesting and informative so I am very happy to have been able to work on the web design because during the process of producing the pages I am learning loads about dogs and how to look after them.

Hope you don’t mind this bit of blatant promotion, I just think it is a great resource for dog owners.

Sorry I should also have said that I have the basics of the regulations for rabies listed here on my Euro Traveller website. There is a link to DEFRA from the article for anyone needing even more detail. Thought that might help.


Hi Kate,

Actually hadn’t thought about that but its a good idea.It’s certainly something that could be done so I will definitely think about what could be added. This forum is a good source of information for that sort of thing. Thanks for visiting the website. Brian

Hey Brian
I like the website, very clear and loads of useful information, not least about products for fleas /ticks etc, looking forward to seeing it develop. I wonder if you are planning to have specific information about puppy and dog care issues in France, eg process for identificaiton,blog on the latest regulations about bringing pets back to the UK etc. all the best Kate