Puppy wanted

Sadly we lost our puppy in an accident 4 months ago and are just ready to look for another one,
we don’t necessarily need a puppy with full pedigree and are open to a mixed breed dog of medium size.
If anyone knows of any recent litters or soon to be litters in the Var or not too far from the Var please let me know. thank you

Have you thought of adoption with the SPA.

Société Protectrice des Animaux?


The SPA or any of the many animal associations in the Var. . . have a look on the Net. . . .many people don’t go to the SPA because the don’t have a really good reputation, especially in the Var. I’m sure you would your ideal puppy that way. Good luck.

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We got our latest rescue from the SPA in Cahors and they were just fine. (What’s wrong with their reputation?) He is the love of my life. Wonderful griffon/terrier mix, so intelligent, so affectionate.
We also took on an Airedale terrier who had been appallingly treated in the UK some 20 years ago. Again, just so affectionate and so loving despite the awful trauma some human put him through.
I would always consider a rescue dog.


Rescue dog preferably, or reputable breeder with all the right credentials. Please be very careful about private ads for puppies as so many are actually fronts for puppy farms.

These days to be allowed to sell a puppy legally you have to go through many hoops. Which was all put in place to try to deter puppy farms.

And yes there are completely innocent people who just want to find a good home for their puppies and have no idea about what the new laws are. But equally there are con merchants who pretend…and con-merchants are generally charming, entirely honest seeming people. If they were ‘t they wouldn’t be very successful as con-merchants. So just be very aware…


I have no idea about the Var, but not all SPAs are the same or who follow the same policy with regard to managing their animals.

When we first came here to live we visited the nearest and were totally put off by the animals in over crowded cages pacing like lions in a zoo. The reason was that they had a no-kill policy.

25 kms away was another SPA that had a vet come every Thursday purely for the purpose of killing dogs. The criteria for which would be for the chop varied according to need but the age basis sometimes went down to 4 years of age.
However, There was no overcrowding and staff were able to pay more attention to looking after those who remained.

On the other hand, non-SPA rescue organisations, like Phoenix in the Dordogne, have an extensive foster network and never put down dogs for non-medical reasons while giving each one a loving home life till adopted.

This is not a criticism of the SPAs, many are overwhelmed and do their best, but facts like those above lead some people to harbour a general mistrust of them.


Thanks for the info David.

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Most of the Animal Charities have a Facebook page - there as David says - are more choices than just SPA for rescues.

Our insane bundle of teeth was via an association - try secondechance.org as well - thats useful for finding associations/animals.

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