Purchase Of A New Mattress

(Phil Espley) #1


We live in the Aude, near Trebes / Carcassonne, and require a new double mattress for a bed in a guest room.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where we could purchase a “Best Buy” seldom used double mattress, without breaking the bank?

Thank you.

Phil Espley.

(Phil Espley) #2

Thanks for your input Nick. Prompt & very informative.


(Nick Ord) #3

That should say mattress

(Nick Ord) #4

Hi Phil. You coule try www.homeliterie.com I Have recently bought a bed and martes from the, Brand new and just over €350.
They deliver all over France. Only thing is there is about a two/ three week wait.
Pretty satisfied though all in all.

(Deirdre Murray) #5

try your local second hand store, they usually have decent mattresses for sale (brand new!!) for less than 150 euro!!!. there are quite a few of these shops in carcassonne if you dont have one in Trebes.