Purchasing a garden trailer

I need to purchase a trailer (or 2) and I am confused by the grey card and license plate requirements.
I see online that some trailers require grey cards and some do not. And some require plates and some do not. Or is that the same thing?
Does the selling shop deal with the grey card requirements if any? Or is that up to me to work out after purchase?
Ideally I want a small trailer so pulling around the property with a quad and then a larger trailer for trips to the Brico for doors, windows, wood, lime etc.
The small trailer would also need to be streetable so I can take it on toll roads between here and CDG when my children and grandchildren fly in. Is a small non-plated trailer allowed on major roads here?

I have one of these. It just has a plate with my car registration and no CG. Larger trailers need their own CG I believe.



My understanding is that if the all up weight is below 750kg and the trailer doesn’t have brakes, it wears the same registration plate as the vehicle towing it and doesn’t need a CT.

Heavier and/or braked trailers need their own immatriculation and CT.


We had a large, braked trailer, suitable for big stuff, but mainly for transporting a car.
Brought over from UK, it needed a Certificate of Conformity (via DREAL) and its own Carte Grise and Number Plate.

Just an ordinary trailer now… under the magic weight limit so only needs lights which work!! and a number plate bearing our car’s registration…

Buying a trailer from a shop in France, I would think that the salesfolk will advise on what is required by way of documents etc…

(I mention lights on a trailer… since we often notice folk who obviously haven’t fitted and/or checked the lights…)

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And the magic number is 500 kgs. Under that and only the car’s plate is required. :smiley:
And the lights, obviously. :wink:

I think you’ll find we’ve both said the same thing… :wink: :+1: I inserted an exclamation mark after the word “work”, which perhaps threw you off track…

I was merely specifying the magic weight Stella, no off track throwing here. :wink: :grinning:

In that case, we are definitely on the same track, since we both said that under the xxx weight, lights and car’s numberplate are all that is required… :+1: :+1:

We bought a brakeless one not long ago from a local dealer - they dealt with getting the number plate sorted out and fitted on the back of the trailer after taking a photocopy of our carte grise. All we had to do was turn up, pay, hitch it up, and drive off!

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The 500kg, is that the trailer weight or the official weight capacity of the trailer?
So with the <500kg i would just go pick it up immediately and then nothing more is needed? Or are you saying it still needs a duplicate plate for the trailer but no grey card?

Lest anyone be confused…
The small/garden-use trailer… so popular and so very useful.
Needs (working) lights and needs to bear the number plate corresponding to the vehicle which is towing it.
As the advert states: Load can be up to 386kg: Total when loaded 500kg

As Stella says, but in English terms maximum 500 kgs gross weight. My own trailer looks larger than the one illustrated and certainly takes more weight than that within the 500 gross. If I go to the merchants I usually ask for 400 kgs of gravel. You do have to make sure that you have the tyres at the right pressure though, they look ok when empty (and the suspension is useless bouncing the trailer all over the place) but if unchecked can look awfully flat when loaded. But no bouncing. :wink: :joy:

Mine also tips to a degree, but manually and needs propping or blocking and usually not enough to eject a whole load without shovel assistance.

Just had another look at it, it has a jockey wheel as well.

@FireinFrance I really do suggest you go and take a look at what’s on offer.
There are so many variations…
You can surely find something which suits your purpose and your purse.

A detail about fixing the plates : Faut-il riveter la plaque remorque ou caravane si pas de carte grise ?

You can fix them like on a car or I fixed me with cable ties. I bought a little trailer via Leboncoin and then attached a cage with a removable back door, which now carries the license plate. This trailer is so useful, I would not want to ever live without it.
At the dechetterie I find a lot of trailers, that are homemade, but to each its own!