Pure digital radio

We are having terrible trouble with our Pure digital radios.
They drop out and it is difficult to change programmes .
This has been getting progressively worse.
Has anyone else had this problem?
We are not having problems with any of our other wi fi devices.

Help centre here with FAQs, downloads etc

We have all the latest updates.
We have tried all the suggestions in the FAQ’s without success.

You said radios so I assume you have more than one and both/all are affected.

I assume from your comment about wi-fi that you are using the internet radio function and not listening via DAB or FM?

Which model of Pure radio?

They are both Pure Connect One Flows.
The reception seems to be much more stable now that we have changed the DNS servers.

OK, it sounded like “somethig else” if both radios affected. Fingers crossed it’s working now.

I had problem getting BBC radio 3 on my ipad last week. Haven’t tried since though. I’ll give it a whirl and let you know.

Have you tried the BBC i player app?
Before we got the radios sorted out I had to use my I Pad.

I have and I must go back to it. Just found the radio app more user friendly.

Interesting. On the radio app I can’t listen to BBC radio, any BBC stations but I can commercial ones. Enjoying Police Every Breath at the moment. Scary song.

John, it sounds as though you are getting commercial stations on the BBC radio app, which I can’t think can be the case.

The BBC i player radio app is worldwide, so I can’t understand why you have a problem.