Put your dog videos on here

I have had a dabble with a little video in the opening page of the group. Not in the same league as the corgis and the dragonflies, but was so inspired by it decided to have a go. Anyone one else want to let us have a look at their dogs in ACTION... When you get your video on the computer you need to download it to Y tube ( means starting up an account - but very easy to do ) and then from there you can download the link or embed the address. It is not as complicated as it sounds CAN'T BE IF I CAN DO IT.

So let's have a look at the dogs in Action..... G .

How wonderful

What a lovely Video, but really made me cry

Great stuff Gina! Let see some more!


Hi All I got this off Ytube you may have seen it before. But it is sooooo good it is worth putting on again.


That was beautiful - thanks Gina and thank you Charlie for sharing it. Cx

This you have got to see. Charlie Duggan put a link on but I have taken the liberty of embedding it. Made me cry, but it is a beautifully put together video and I think most people who ever lost a dog can relate to this. Well Charlie thanks to your video we can all enjoy Charlie. Gina… for Shane XX

Brilliant idea Gina - will try to get the camera out next week!

Hi Charlie You have definitely come to the right shop. Lost both my dogs in Spring 2010 and this little group really helped me to survive that and some other stuff that was going on. The dogs in my clip are our new dogs and although they will never replace Buddy and Hamish the Hero they certainly are keeping us on our toes again. Your clip does not seem to have loaded. Load as link to T tube or if you want to embed go to the Ytube options and choose the old embedding codes. ( for now ) New ones inoperable at the moment. Welcome and hope you enjoy and keep us posted with how things are going for you. G.

Shane This is a video movie of our old dog Shane who died about 18 months ago now, he was very handsome and a real character and we miss him terribly still, we put some music to it. Hope this is ok to post.

Here it is hope it works. G.

Ye haaaa It worked. Let's see your videos...