QAnon - Mmm. Has the States gone mad, or maybe I'm just getting old?


It is hard to really comment on his because it is so bizarre, yet so unsettling.
If people could vote for Trump they could believe anything, but the same goes for the UK and BoJo, who is a serial liar.
The UK has seen mass turn out of football fans this past week. For the funeral of Jackie Charlton the streets of Ashington were packed and no one I saw was wearing a mask.
There were mass gathering of football fans outside Anfield and Elland Road.
Do football fans think that they have some special dispensation from catching Covid, because that is the only logical conclusion that you can draw from their appallingly selfish behaviour.

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Or maybe they think that the chances of catching it are so small as not to be worth bothering about ?

I am not worried ab out them per se, it is those who might pick it up from them.


The world is full of people who believe things for which they have no evidence. It’s just that we hear more from America because they speak English - LOUDER - and with more confidence.


And because they speak so loudly they are now deaf to reason.


Part of the problem- to my mind - is no consistent advice. Not just UK but everywhere. Wear a mask , it will help / don’t wear a mask , they don’t help. There will be a second wave / there will be no second wave. It’s not an airborne virus / it is an airborne virus. I’m afraid people have lost confidence in " experts " . The armageddon type of comments at the start of this weren’t fulfilled - the " experts " were predicting hundreds of thousands if not a million dead in Europe. That never happened. Look at those expensive nightingale hospitals in the UK that didn’t treat a single patient. I’m not of the camp that believes that the virus is a hoax. Of course it’s not- it’s very real but I do believe that the response has been way OTT.

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The countries that have been most OTT have had the lowest infection rates. It was never going to be a mass extinction, but widespread panic and overwhelmed health services are something to be avoided.


No expert me, but my intuition and life experience (a “still small voice”, believe it or not :thinking::roll_eyes:) tells me that it’s not over yet, and it’s too soon to say it won’t get much worse before it is over, if ever it be over.

Even Trump has said something like that.


I’m all for OTT rather than not enough.


The commercial pressure to develop an effective vaccine is collosal. It’s a massive pot of gold at the end of a pharma rainbow. Every lab on the planet that is in the field is going gang-busters on this. There are promising developments. It looks like they’re going to crack it.

Diseases which killed millions worldwide over the centuries have been contained, if not entirely eliminated, by pharmacology. It’s only logistics and possibly, local politics, that prevents polio being something that nobody need suffer.

It’s sensible to be cautious until a vaccine can be rolled out en masse. And most countries are taking a cautious approach. Here in Spain, masks are back on the 'mandatory at all times, in all places except the beach’ category. Some places, districts in Catalonia for example, have gone back to lock-down.

Get ready to roll your sleeve up, Peter.

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It never happened Sue because of the measures put in place that you consider OTT . I can assure you that certainly the Nightingale in Manchester was used ,but had they not built the Nightingale hospitals and they had been needed people would have been quick to complain


Especially as we need to keep the R rate low for the winter and any 'flu outbreak.

Just so

The Titanic was short on lifeboats, “No, old chap … won’t ever need 'em…”

“Be aware that your nearest exit may be behind you” Yeah, yeah …


It has just ocurred to me that, for those who haven’t yet quit smoking, this is the perfect moment to give up the evil weed! Finding a way to indulge without risking a fine must be a constant problem. Could save a lot of lives.

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It amuses me no end, seeing people with their mask on their chins, smoking. Dopes.

You are right, of course, Jane, but it should be noted that the majority in both countries did not vote for either. :wink:


Social media, a time bomb ticking…

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They are the cyber equivalent of the County Lines, make money quickly and don’t care how.