I qualified as a teacher back in the days when a 3 year training leading to a certificate was acceptable. Of course, things have moved on since then and I’ve been told by our local GRETA that they could give me more work if I would only get my qualifications standardised. In fact, I’d get more money per hour even working as a replacement if I had BAC+4 as it were.

So should I do a B.Ed with the Open University? Or is there any other option? I’m 60 now and though I’m loving the work I don’t know how long I’ll want to do it.

Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this…

Thanks, Tee. I’m going to have another look at the numbers…

Thank you very much for all the information. I’ve now got lots to think about but as Lesley points out doing a masters isn’t worth the effort or financial outlay for me at this point.

For some reason my DH is dead against me setting up as an AE…he feels I don’t earn enough and that my earnings are patchy. I’d be interested in your points of view if you’ve gone down this road…particularly as regards tax. I do have a variety of pupils though I have had a lot of hours from GRETA this year as I’ve been subbing for them. However that, of course, isn’t something I could rely on in the future. Otherwise I cover the English courses during the vacations.

Lesley: I got the work through an adult pupil of mine who knows a GRETA coordinator. She was looking for someone to cover the English courses through the holidays when Education National teachers are also on hols. At that time the EN teacher was pretty useless so, of course, what I did seemed really amazing in comparison. I would suggest you contact your local bureau and talk to the various coordinators. They do do courses in English but all the other qualifications like the Bac Pro etc require some English. I work with hospitality students and it’s mostly great fun. Not hugely well paid though.

Dedene: I think it just means getting your diplomas recognised. I can’t remember the exact words used. To work as a sub for le GRETA I think it’s not essential to have any teaching qualifications at all. If you do then they have to pay more. I don’t think I’ve even filled in a CV…

Thanks for the precision. I too have a TEFL/TESOL and many years of business experience. So maybe that’ll be sufficient to branch out a bit.
Good luck with your hunt for a larger client.

Hi Dedene

I believe it is only the education nationale that requires all teachers to be educated to masters level (mine is nothing to do with english language! but it has allowed me to do some supply teaching previously). For my “adult” students, it has been my TEFL qualification that has been more looked for. Additionally I have many years of business experience behind me and my students really appreciate this - leading to a lot of re-booking. I work with a couple of training providers as well as AFPI, but my target this year is to get a big enough client of my own in order to become a DIF provider under my own name, which will mean more money directly in my pockets.

good luck with your venture

Angela, Katie,
Hello! This is a really interesting topic as I’m thinking about doing just the same here in the Loiret; not only with GRETA but also with the ANPE and their training facilities.

Angela, good luck with your hunt! I’m turning 57 and would be willing to do a masters if I really needed to.

Here are my questions for you:

Katie, by being a private contractor, would one necessarily need to get a masters? I absolutely do not want to teach in the public school system but would rather do private tutoring.

Angela, when your GRETA said “qualifications standardized” what did they mean exactly?

Thanks for any more details you could give me.

one solution to bypass any regulations might be to become an auto-entrepreneur and instead of being an employee become a sub-contracter, although being an AE does mean that you do have to have more than one client - as otherwise you are deemed to be an employee… This is how I work with AFPI (a close relation to GRETA but more technical)… you would have to check if this would work with your GRETA. On a personal note how did you get the work with your GRETA? I would be interested in working with mine…

I feel that the only reason to do this kind of study ( BA + Masters) at this age is for self-satisfaction. There is no way that you would be able to benefit financially from the pretty massive outlay in the working years you have left. I don’t say this to be unkind (I’m 59 myself), but to be realistic. I would say that you should continue to enjoy the work you’re doing and perhaps pick up some private work elsewhere. Good luck!

I really am behind the times! I wouldn’t want to work in a college or lycée but I do enjoy my work for le GRETA. If the masters thing holds true for that too then I probably won’t bother to upgrade.

hi there , be aware that they by a BAC+4 they really mean a masters. To be able do supply work in Colleges and Lycées new rulings require masters not just a License.