Quality restuarants in Bordeaux


Given we have lived here for 15 years, we have never tried to find a quality restaurant in Bordeaux. As my in-laws are en route I am totally confident somebody on SFN will have some suggestions based on their personal experiences.

Good food and ambience are important, relatively easy to get to as they are in their late 80's and not that mobile.

Help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks as always

Peter S

Hi David et al, and thank you for more useful info.

One of the strengths of SFN is that collectively we are a great knowledge base about "Things and etc in France" and for me this has been another fantastic example of the same.

All I have to do now is make my doctor happy and not eat at any of them, but sit outside with a lettuce leaf whilst the family enjoy!!! :)

Peter S

And PS thank you Victoria also, Caroline will find the décor of great interest.

The Chapon Fin is closed during August. It's worth going to for the decoration alone, late 19th C grotto. There's a lunch menu for about 27€

For the purposes of clarity. Do not confuse the Restaurant "La Belle Epoque" with the "Bistrot des Quinconces". My reference was to the décor of the Bistrot. Nonetheless thanks for something positive to come from the confusion. We shall check out "La Belle Epoque" next time around. Also if the weather is fine lunch or diner at "Le Grat" a Basque restaurant in the Place des Chartrons by the restored Halles des Chartrons. Tram stop "Paul Doumer" and a short walk. Most of the other establishments are rubbish but not Le Grat. Complete with Basque wine L'Irrouleguy a very nice red. Afterwards have a wander and check out the antique shops/galeries and the cabinet makers. Truly Chartrons is a wonderful place.

If you want to dine with the local political heavyweights and enjoy fine cooking then


Like "The Ivy" for politicos but probably better food and not out of reach for ordinary people.

Hi Peter,

I have found this site very useful of the last 6 month. http://restaurant.michelin.fr/

bon appetit

Hi one and all

Thank you so much for a wonderful selection which will keep us busy for some time. We have not been to Bordeaux (sauf Merignac) for many years now but with the new port area (see this month's Connexions if you need an update) much more worth the effort.

In the past we used the park & Ride facility which is just great a model for other cities and towns in my opinion.


Peter & Caroline (and In laws, my daughter and all future guests)

Yes, I second or third the Belle Epoque. Good fresh cuisine

Cafe du Port on the corner of Pont du Pierre Good food, parking right outside, wonderful view.

La Belle Epoque, allée d'Orleans, next to Quinconces so 5 elderly minutes from the tram. Fantastic decoration, decent food, reasonable prices (at lunch anyway)

La Tupina typical French country cooking! Excellent ambience with large cheminee cooking the meat. So much to watch and see as you eat in a restaurant which could only be in France. Perfect service and ambiance.

For a special celebration. Manoir St James. Just outside Bordeaux. Boulliac

Just a little different from the grills and typical French cooking which

you can get any where.

I'll second that, we have had a couple of superb lunches there at the Belle Epoque.


Lovely Belle Epoque brasserie just down from the Maison du Tourisme on Place des Quinconces. Popular with the locals. Food good and not expensive. Attentive and professsional staff. Fills up quite quckly around lunchtime.


Packed at lunch time specializes in grillades au feu de bois. Interesting self service system for wine. Quirky but very Bordelais.

You must know Fernand, on the Quai. Tight on the river. Lots of atmosphere inside. Goog food, not smart but good value. Outside very “France”. Not expensive


Excellent with a beautiful panorama of the Cité de la lune

Not far from the new botanic gardens