Querying the result of energy diagnostic

The sale of our house has fallen through due to receiving an ‘F’ rating for our DPE. Does anyone know how the the energy consumption figures are arrived at. I understand that ‘the consumption of each installation’ is taken into account. My report shows our electric ‘chauffage’ as using 220EP (96EF) and our woodburner 132EP (132EF) added together plus other electrical installations we have a total of 403EP (250EF) thus putting us in band ‘F’ but we would never use both heating systems at once! Have we been properly assessed?

A few thoughts…

Do you have a previous DPE from when you bought the house? Does this differ wildly for no obvious reason?

The old method was based on taking the average of the last 3 years’ energy bills and dividing this by the floorspace. If you did this and it gave a very different result it could give you a basis to go back to the company to ask them to double check their calculations?

As that is the logical first step if there is nothing obviously wrong in the report - wrong building material listed, wrong floor surface shown, single glazing rather than doubke glazing listed etc etc. And of course that the energy ratings of the equipment they have notes are correct.

This is the overview of the methos, but doubt it helps

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When we bought our last house in 2008 it had an energy rating of ‘E’, we spent 30K on insulation and double glazing and it went on sale 18 months ago with a rating of ‘F’. Luckily, it didn’t affect viewings etc and we sold it fairly quickly. I did query the rating with the technician and he simply said that his calculation was based on fixed parameters and our actual energy consumption was not taken into account.

Just like the OP we had a mixture of electric rads and wood burners, with the rads only kicking in when the temperature dropped below a preset level.

Thanks this is turning into a bit of a minefield. Read somewhere a solution would be to take out the woodstove or uninstall the ‘chauffage’ !!!

Dont fret too much its a bullshit minefield.

Yes and this could explain a difference? Between maison secondaire and maison principale?