Question: French for Chassis Cleaning?

I need to replace the suspension on my 20 year-old Hilux, which I am happy to do by myself.
Whilst the wheels are off, springs and shocks removed, I want to treat sone of the harder to get at spots of corrosion.
It will make the work much easier if I start with a clean chassis, at least cleaner than it is. It would be great to get someone with a steam cleaner who is set up for chassis cleaning to give it a good going over. Were I still in the UK, I would look up commercial vehicke cleaners, steam cleaners or chassis cleaning in the yellow pages. Similar searches in Pages Jaunes only gets me house cleaning or kitchen cleaning companies. I
t may be that there is no-one around here doing this; that everyone does it themselves; that no one ever does it; or, that I am using the wrong search terms?
Yes, I could do it myself, exceot that the Karcher expired recently and I have no means of getting right underneath the vehicle.

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Nettoyage de châssis, perhaps?
A quick google suggests that there isn’t much of that going on here. Possibly because modern French cars don’t seem to rust very much.
Maybe you could find a restorer of classic cars who has the kit to do that. . . .


Have you considered asking at your local (friendly) garage…?? someone there will possibly know the where/the who :wink:

Maybe someone that do sandblasting have that too