Question on portrait lighting and correct lens (Nikon D7000)

Could you post suggestions on the best lighting equipment and best lens or lenses to use for portraits, please? I am using a Nikon camera. If you are a professional photographer and have experience with good equipment, please include lighting manufacturer and model numbers. If you give lessons, please include pricing or link to your business. Suggestions on books also appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike (40, Dax).![](upload://3sBqc51DIp54vfv196pPrWlkK1j.jpg)

thanks MIke , I always try to make good pics --this little girl i just spotted in front of the shop , sometimes you have the best when they not notice you taking a pic , I just only had secs lol

Thank you. The hair and dress are great. Very natural portrait.

Thank you, Marijke, for the photo. Sometimes the best lighting is good ole natural lighting (and the price is pretty good, also).

Thanks Edward for you advice and like your photos on SFN. I'm thinking along the same lines and will experiment with some lights and background materials. Appreciate your input. Used to shoot B&W and use Ilford paper in my own little darkroom. Merci.

same here , little camera , no extra lenses and i stood across the road to picture this kid waiting for her grandma to go to sunday church