Question on post Bexit - what happens to dependants of AEs?

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We arrived in France in 2017 unmarried and under retirement age. I set up as an AE for a gite and my other half is a dependant of me under RAM. Although not working per se he is constantly renovating the house himself. He is 60 this year and will get a very small navy pension, otherwise, we both have to wait until 67 to get the UK gov pension/my personal pension. He is now starting to get anxious that after Brexit he will not be earning much in his own right. I read somewhere recently that none EU citizens have to earn just over 18k each per year. So assume it’s not going to be per household but per individuals?

Is anyone else in the same situation or can anyone shed any light on this or recommend where to find some official info?

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This is a reliable site…

The RSA level income is around 10,000 per person. There is some flexibility if you own your own home free and clear.

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thanks, had a look but it doesn’t really answer my question and no clearer about if you live together but not married can you have a shared income? There is however an email so will contact them. Thanks for the link.

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Do you submit a joint income declaration or separate ones?


as we are not married separate ones.

France is very traditional, so if you are not married or pax’d then might treat you separately. But then if you have managed to get his healthcare covered under RAM then maybe not?

I thought ayant droit for adults had been phased out completely by now?

Yes for new applicants, but it will take a while longer before they change all the existing “ayant droit” people over to their own accounts.

However no idea what new system is for people setting up AE to get health cover, and how that will now apply to family members. Is this the closing off of a route for british people I womder?

I thought it was due to end for everyone on 31.12.19, ie four years after the introduction of PUMA. At least that is what I remembered and that is also what it says here

" Les personnes actuellement ayant droit d’un assuré peuvent conserver ce statut jusqu’au 31 décembre 2019 . Elles deviendront ensuite assurées à titre personnel ."
but maybe it got changed.

Well it’s the 3rd Jan 2020 and no-one had said anything to us…and me & OH are joined.