Question: Overheard in the barber shop

I was sitting in the barber's chair at a very high end, business man's, barber shop in the financial district a few years ago and I heard the following question asked of the barber. (Clue barbers are very smart and ordinarily shoot from the hip.)

What percentage of the men you meet or have met would divorce their spouses if there were no financial consequences, 0 financial implications?

Of course this was a hypothetical question however what do you think that the answer was that the professional barber of 20 years gave the man asking the question?

Oooh this is bugging me because I have no idea. Probably also depends on whether the barber was a man or a woman ...

Sorry that it is bugging you but a simple guess would suffice.

The barber was a married man with 2 young children. His wife was a professional but that is irrelevant. He had been a barber for 20 years. He had been a hairdresser in Chicago before becoming a barber and focusing his effrort on building a respectable and financially lucrative practice in a large business centre in North America. His clients are the elite and aspiring elite LOL. I was merely a friend. Point being he knew more about men and their relationships than anyone one the planet.

Okay, a simple guess. 50 percent - those who think the grass is greener. The other 50 per cent know the value of having a strong, loving woman who supports them.

Geogrpahy is probably important here. High Net worth in Chicago would mean the financial implications would be high. I'd go two thirds.

If it were Paris where mistresses are standard and payouts less, then the figure would be reversed.


Got to be 75%.


I can see that the suspense is killing everyone, 98%. To all of the romantics out there do not despair. I am sure it fluctuates. The shop is a very high end expensive shop. It caters exclusively to men and most of the men are senior execs. I personally know execs that carry an excel spreadsheet with details of their networth. Whenever they are tempted in the least they look at the spreadsheet and consider what it would look like at 50% or less (much less).

On another note:

When I was training for and competing in Ironman Triathlons and running marathons in the 1990s and early 2000s I used to go to a pedicurist at a shop in great area of town where lots of "Ladies that Lunch" lived. My feet were in rough shape and she help me keep going for 15 years. The fantastic lady and friend that ran the shop and I spoke candidly about a the conversations that she had with her female clients. Let's just say that it works both ways.

PS Today is our 37th wedding anniverary LOL. Yes I can use excel.

Interesting conversation. I agree with David that it works both ways. As being on my third marriage I can speak from some experience!. Let me add this one is the best! I was only having this same conversation with my wife the other day! I was actually almost going to plump for 100%!

....."shooting from the hip".....made me think of those scenes in Clint Eastwood "Spaghetti westerns", where "the man with no name" has arrived in town and makes his first stop at the barbers for a clean shave, done the old fashioned way, with a 'cut-throat' razor......Ah, that's when men were men and women knew their place....!...all 'action'...with not alot of unnecessary dialogue.....

This is just a fantasy internal dialogue, a safety valve, that enables married couples to carry on coping with being married , long after the 'honeymoon period....I am single and I am only too aware through contact with some of my married friends, that (to resort to another cliche) it is often no 'bed of roses'...

A comforting thought, when I think of things that I have missed out on by remaining single.......Live in the moment, do things that make you happy and give yourself and the other person, a break..

Good points Hilary Jane (my daughter's name is Jane and she is currently going through her 2nd divorce). I have always said that the secret to a long marriage (did I mention today is our 37th anniversary) is to never consider divorce on the same day.

David, that's assuming you want a long marriage! Of course congratulations to you both on bucking the trend. I am neither so patient or so intelligent! Or, maybe didn't choose well unt the third time?