Question:sharing water supply with farmer for his calves

Yes, OH has given up mentioning he doesn"t eat meat as it doesn’t register.

I’m a failed veggie, boeuf bourgignan today, lovely. I did feel a bit of regret for George’s calf neighbours though. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I think it would almost merit a thread on its own - how to politely decline the offer of a haunch of beef - as a vegetarian! That said, there are two hungry hounds here who don’t go in for any of this veggie nonsense.

Our Staffit (whippet/staffie cross) and Pomchiter (Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Terrier cross) would definitely be in the market for some nice fresh beef,.

EDIT- the Pomchiter has just been washed, having thrown up all night, definitely not as a result of eating something disgusting on the walk yesterday evening


So true… sometimes I think it might even be in the forum Tcs and C’s!


Even more so if I were to tell neighbours, that in addition to the ‘crime’ of being vegetarian, I’ve also completely lost my taste for alcohol and coffee…(how to make life difficult for myself in France…!)


Actually, coffee and alcohol seem to be increasingly on the “banned” list around my neck of the woods… more and more folk are saying “no, thanks” and explaining it’s due to a health issue…
no details given…
everyone just looks sympathetic (and/or possibly horrified… :wink: ) and life goes on…
often fruit juice or tisane is offered, depending…


Can’t stand coffee, love the smell hate the taste, alcohol has no effect on me so I haven’t drank in 15 years (family taxi service :laughing:) I can’t stand wine as it all tastes of vinegar to me and I’m allergic to chocolate, welcome to France :laughing::grin:


how about ginger… ???

Alcohol has no effect on me… unless I drink a lot…
There are some very tasty alcoholic drinks which I enjoy sipping… and some tasty juices etc… just depends on what I fancy at the time…

Schweppes ginger beer in the brown bottles, good as wine anyday.