Question state pension

Hi everyone, I moved to France in 1986 at the age of 20. Before that I worked a couple of years in the UK and I think I have my NI number somewhere. I have now lived and worked on France for 33 years and I was wondering if the 2/3 years I worked in the UK will entitle me to any form of pension either in the UK or through the French pension scheme ? Or have I been out of the UK for too long to be entitled to anything ?

Thank you

It appears that you would have needed at least ten years national insurance contributions to be able to get a state pension (the new state pension) as you were born after 1953.

Link here from the GOV.UK website >(

The guidance you linked Peter sets out that the years you worked in the France can go up to make the qualifying years as it is an EU country. However the pension provided will only be based on the three years contributions made in the UK. So at current rates would be in the order of £10/week and would be paid to you by France.

HOWEVER…this is because the UK is part of the EU so it may well change. And given OP won’t even be eligible for a pension until 2032, I think the UK will probably have managed to leave the EU by then!

Forty quid a month is still forty quid and even of it’s only pays for a modest lunch out a month the fact that Brexit tax payers are footing the bill makes it worth claiming IMO.