Quince jelly/coings

Hello all, does anybody have a recipe for making quince jelly? Its the season...

Many thanks

Kitty Abse

Being a born cheat,I use VITPRIS for my james, jellies etc. Here is the one out of their packet.

Just make sure you mix the powder in well with the few spoonfuls of sugar held back or it will go lumpy.

I have my quinces (well,my sister's actually) airing in a bedroom. According to Jane Grigson,when they have a white cotton wool bloom on them, and the house is scented with them, they're ready to go!

These aren't too bad either and give a little more then just jelly :-)

Yes but now I am in England and all my books are in France so cannot help, but I wanted to say I made it last year and it is really delicious well worth the long effort it takes to de-fuzz and chop up the quinces. Another easy thing to make is Quince Brandy and it is one of the best flavoured brandies, again sorry can't help with recipie but if you google it youwill find one. Enjoy.