Quite interesting - British nationals distribution across France



I reckon INSEE are due to bring some new information… as this latest seems to be on info from 2016.


I wonder if INSEE will be doing a census this year… or letting it wait a while…

Suggests that Brits are attracted by low property prices?

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Yes, that makes sense…

many Dutch friends of mine like cheap French properties as well… and probably anyone with money to spend. Let’s face it… most of us like a bargain… :relaxed: :relaxed:

Looks like we are in the right place here in Trivy then.

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Yes, I think the report is recent but the data’s from 2016…

Another interesting little graphic I came across a while ago…

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Oh yes… quite right… INSEE issued the report this month… it’s just a shame it is so far behind… 5 years is a long time.

However, there’s lots of other information… too

Simple - all the elderly who could afford to moved to the EU, leaving the poor ones behind :slight_smile:


Ha ha… not all the elderly want to leave UK (yes, I know, mad lot… aren’t they… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:)

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Many pensioners in the UK have private pensions as well though which skews things somewhat.

Now let’s see… What happened politically in the UK in the 1980s that might explain the change?
(Clue - it was also the origin of nearly every economic disaster the UK has suffered since: dysfunctional housing market, manufacturing contraction, lower productivity than all its competitors, financial deregulation hence instability - you name it, it was inflicted on the UK in the 80s.)

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I agree Geof, but the seventies weren’t a walk in the park either.

The red spots in Brittany are just several large people.


Some of the threads on here are very odd to me, and these maps make more sense of it. 7,000 british people in one department! We are way below 200 and I have no idea where most of those are as in 12 years I’ve met one nurse and a supermarket cashier… Oh, and Bob the english teacher, but he died.


The Brits swarm in the North, ferries, cheap properties, similar climate to the UK.

On the other hand in our small, but widespread community and including myself for the moment the English represent some 10% of the 200, and if I spread the net just a little wider by a few kms probably about the same in neighboring villages.

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In the Clermont Ferrand area, the influx of Brits is down in part to Michelin, which has/had an active program of relocating some staff all over the world as part of their careers. The Dundee area and Stoke-on-Trent/Potteries, are the major areas from which people come, as that’s where Michelin has/had its manufacturing plants.

As an island race where no-one originates more than about 200 kms from the sea, perhaps the vast majority of us feel uncomfortable towards the centre of a continent. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that I hurried through Alice Springs without waiting to see if there was a boat race that day. :wink:

Do those of you who live in uk immigrant hotspots think it changes attitudes to you, or makes integrating more difficult? (how long is a piece of string I know - as people’s own personalities will have most difference). I’m just curious, as since there are no other british people here we never had that opportunity/misfortune.

(Mind you there must be some as the hyperU 40km away sells heinz baked beans)