Quitus Fiscal for German Import

When applying for a QF it says you need proof of registration from the country of origin.
With a used vehicle purchased in Germany I believe there is a type of temporary registration to export the vehicle?
When the vehicle is brought to France is the temporary registration acceptable in the application of the QF?

Thank you

Yes, I bought a car in Germany back in 2006 with temporary plates and documentation supplied by the garage. No problems with the QF or registration. Bon route :slightly_smiling_face:

As said, yes is the answer.

Are you buying the car from a dealer or privately? It is vital that part of the export documentation shows that TVA has been paid on the car when it was new - either in Germany or another EU State. To be acceptable for a QF here, this must be on an original sales invoice or attested document as a line item showing the actual amount. In Germany under some circumstances (I do not know the detail) TVA can be combined in a purchase price with the symbol ‘§’ shown in front. This is NOT acceptable by the QF chappies.


Hi Adam
Do you need the invoice for the very first time it was sold showing the TVA was paid or the invoice of when I purchase it showing I paid TVA?

I thought I had said this already.

Why are you making a second thread on the same subject?

Again, why are you paying TVA?

Has TVA been paid in any EU state on the car at any time of its life?

If the answer is yes, then you do not have to pay TVA agin. (You will though if you take it into brexshitland to live)

As I said already - get it documanted that TVA has been paid. Yes, original sales invoice is best.

Are you buying from a reputable dealer? If not, pity as German dealers are well versed in pushing cars out into the EU (they get a bonus from their Chancellor for doing so) and will have all the papers stamped and ready for you to drive out on a temporary reg plate and three days insurance.

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No, you don’t :slightly_smiling_face: The fact that the car has regular German plates and “log book” shows tax has been payed. If tax hasn’t been paid it would be on export plates.

Hi John
Thank you for the information, just to clarify even if the car has had tax paid, is older than 6months and less than 6,000 kms, but comes into France on temporary transfers plates (export plate) it will be considered as an import and will have additional taxes put on it?

As the car I am looking at has German registration history but doesn’t currently have regular German plates on it, should the car come with the original license plates of first registration?
As far as I am aware I can not register a car in Germany and must get temporary transfer plates to drive it back to France. Is this correct?

If you do Facebook, it’s worth joining the registering vehicles in France group, where there’s lots of expertise in this area. Redirecting...

Hi JohnH
I’ll look into that thank you

I have no doubt that you are a Quittas Fiscal expert, but to the OP, i am pretty sure that when you go to the tax office, the young lady will not say, ‘…oh, I see you have German plates, therefore it is ok, I will sign it off…’ I have never had it happen anyway :rofl:

I have said already - you need a believable line item showing TVA has been paid in an EU country at some stage of the car’s life

To the OP - find out where your local place that will issue you with a WW plate is. Go there and ask them rathar than get answers here there and everywhere.
Tell them exactly what you are buying. They will tell you correctly.

Tell me more, what experience do you have of importing cars from Germany or any other EU country?

Having imported 2 vehicles then I can say with some confidence that that’s almost exactly how it went.

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Maybe my tax office in Limoux is more thorough as they have, on the seven I have imported wanted to see firm proof of TVA having been paid in the EU.

If you have someone who will sign off a QF for you on sight of foreign number plates, great. Well done, for I have yet to find a tax person that trusting.

From a time when UK was in the EU ( and therefore on a par with Germany )
when applying for Quitus Fiscal each time, presenting a second hand vehicle… we only had the Invoice from the most recent transaction (our Purchase)… which showed VAT (call it what you will) zero…

On each occasion, the Duane Officer looked at the V5 in the previous owner’s name… the official Invoice showing our Purchase… and accepted that VAT had (would have) already been paid during the car’s previous life and “that was that”…

admittedly, this is not a recent thing… we stopped buying cars a few years ago… but the situation is surely similar to current-day EU… ???

EDIT: Before anyone else thinks I’ve lost the plot… I am describing events pre-Brexit and comparing those events with any modern-day-EU country’s 2nd hand vehicle imports to France… :+1: I am well aware the UK is NOW in a very different situation… !! :wink:

Foreign plates and an invoice which, given it was a private sale, didn’t mention VAT.

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I will not argue anything. I only pass on what my friendly tax lady told me all those years ago to which I have adhered to.

Maybe the degree of scrutiny changes regionally, or with age or even value of the car, or the mood of the day. I just pay the malus and TVA if I have to and get on with it.

By the way Stella, bringing in a car from brexshitland is very much NOT similar situation to current day EU :grinning: :grinning: Duty AND TVA become payable (except under personal possessions for someone escaping the place and setting up home here) - for me, no complaints as it helps reduce RHD cars doddering in front of me … :rofl:

I think you have misunderstood… I was outlining how things worked BEFORE Brexit…

I suspect the above caused you to wonder what planet I was on :wink: :wink: … but I meant that our experiences (back then) are surely similar to current-day EU (members) …

Of course Brexit has caused problems/changes… but I was harking back to an earlier Age… when sanity prevailed (or did it??? )

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No Adam, I’m sure the fiscal rules are consistent across France. If the car is on normal plates from an EU country then by definition the VAT/TVA is paid. Malus is a completely different thing.