Quitus Fiscal - success!

I know it is customary to complain about the lack of speed of French bureaucracy, but I have just experienced the opposite.
I completed the online form to obtain a quitus fiscal (after a few problems, q.v.)
I submitted it online with the necessary supporting documents to the Chatellerault office of 86 at 13:11 today. I then forgot about it, assuming I’d hear back in a week or three.
But I received a reply at 13:24 - with the quitus fiscal. All done.
I am speechless - and very happy!


It can happen… congratulations.

…and what’s more smack in the middle of the oft maligned lunch break. Somebody is smiling on you.

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If your lucks that good its time to buy a lottery ticket :point_up:


I think the reason for your quick response Brian is that it’s the tax people that issue the quitus. In my experience, in France, like other countries, the tax department is the best staffed and most efficient. For obvious reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not complaining!
And, as you suggest, I have always have found my communications with the tax people in France to be very efficient.

Me too. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the Impots and always found them pleasant and knowledgable. They saved me a lot of hassle when I imported a new car here having (incorrectly due to dealer stupidity) already paid the VAT in he UK. Rather than my having to pay the TVA and reclaim the VAT they told me to come back for the quitus in six months

I will go to, use or contact tax office in preference to any other public service in France. My experience is 100% positive.

Is a Quitus Fiscale still needed if registering a, car that was recently bought in UK?

The form suggests it is for car bought into France from an EU country (UK sadly no longer is).

The Quitus Fiscal no longer applies to vehicles imported from the UK. You need a form from les douanes instead. It’s form 846A

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