Quiz BAC 2018, do you know the answers - New Qizz

My step-son is doing his BAC next week. It’s all a bit tense :slightly_frowning_face:

I got 14/20, rather weak on philosophy, fair on maths, fair on literature, good on Anglais (obviously), history and geography middling. How is the BAC scored, what would my fate be? I admit the questions are tough for an adolescent.

Strangely I got one of the English questions wrong…I was brought up to say get in a bus, not get on one! Was ok in philosophy, but completely useless in maths so about same as you in the end.

I’ve turned into a fuckwit, 8/20

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Try again… :roll_eyes::thinking:

Having passed the online Brevet & the BAC with scores of 14 & 12 I hope to receive the certificates in the post soon :wink: Must say very happy as Mrs Wozza has a Masters degree & my scores are greater! After such good results we tried an online ‚Äėcode de la route‚Äô & failed completely.

sounds about par for the course… :wink: