Been trying to buy a new laptop with an UK/USA QWERTY keyboard in France. Cant find one even on Amazon (FR) Amazon UK sellers don’t want to send to France now. Anyone found a source ?

Worth looking at Amazon.de perhaps?

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We bought a Dell with a qwerty keyboard, or can just buy the keyboard



Try Amazon.com (USA)

Gearbest often sell kit with US keyboards.

Consider buying an iPad and attach a wireless keyboard? Gives you more flexibility. (eg Brydge 10.2)

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I’d agree with @Leon62 you could alternatively get a Chromebook and attach a NAS for local storage if required.

If you buy an Apple laptop you can specify any format of keyboard.

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Can you buy a MacBook pro/air in France with a qwerty keyboard? I’ve no idea…

It looks like buying a Dell on line is the best option dont want a seperate keyboard not much use on a train !! Thanks for all replies

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For info: the Brydge keyboards suggested clip onto the iPad (or tablet) and can stay attached to function exactly like a laptop… and work anywhere. Good luck with your search.

We both have Dells and have been very happy with them. Delivered as promised and as we ordered. Trouble is now want a new one, and too many options from Dell.

Absolutely. Order online & you can ask for any keyboard format.

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Presumably direct from Apple? I wasn’t sure that if you ordered from outside France it could attract some sort of import tax… and that if you ordered from within France it wouldn’t be Qwerty.

Use the Apple FR shop. No import taxes. Chose whichever keyboard you want. Been there, done that…

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I have just bought a new laptop from Amazon.de fast delivery and all Qwerty keyboards so lots of choice.


And, if you choose wisely, you get Apple silicon.

We bought an Air and Pro at Christmas to replace earlier generations machines. We’ve found them to have extraordinarily good battery life and to run much cooler than Intel chips (the Air doesn’t even have a fan). Only downside is the connectivity, just two USB C ports, one of which provides power. I miss the old Magsafe connector and you need a hub to take Cat 5, SD cards, older USB etc.