Rabies vaccination for your dogs and cats

New information for those of you who regularly travel with your pets.

The French authorities have recently extended the time that your pet’s rabies vaccination lasts.

If your French vet uses Rabisin as a vaccine you only need to have your animal injected every three years. It was every two in the UK and every year in France.

A great saving!

The advice I was shown was a letter from the French authorities to the vet.
The only vaccine mentioned in the letter was Rabisin.

My cats have always been vaccinated with Rabisin, both in the UK and France. The vaccinations in the UK lasted two years and the ones in France, until now, only lasted one year.

The cat passports are now dated for revaccination in three years time.

Have just checked my dogs passport and in fact I got it wrong Rabisin was only valid for 2 years. His last vaccination was for Nobivac which is valid for 3 years. Hope that clears it up a bit.

I had a dog vaccinated (in France) with Rabisin on the 29th October. Vet said he was still awaiting the directive to say the vaccine would last more than 1 year. Please can you tell me where I can read about the new extension? Rabisin has been used in France for a long time and, according to my vet, is exactly the same vaccine which is used in UK.

My dog was vaccinated with Rabisin in the UK three years ago and is now going for his booster which will last another 3 years. I understood from my French vet that they use a different vaccine that only lasts a year (was told this in the Summer). It would therefore seem that France will be adopting Rabisin in place of the current vaccine to bring them into line.

Elaine, yes but Switzerland is not in the EU despite being Schengen zone and surrounded by the EU. Also, there are always times given in which to change rules. Better safe than sorry.

Many thanks both... :)

Rabisin is widely available in the UK (both of my cats have used it from the beginning).
Just ask your vet.

However now we have been in France for a while I don’t know if the new three year rule has been implemented there yet.

Brian: I asked the vet about the difference in duration and she was certain that the rules of the country where the vaccination is being given are those that must be followed. This new 3 year period is an EU directive to bring all countries into line with each other. When I expressed an interest she let me read the letter that they had been sent by the government.

Hi there -

Hi there -

We are planning to take a puppy from the UK back to France. Do any of you know if the UK vets use the vaccine Rabasin? :)

One of our dogs had his latest jab at the start of September and the vet told us it was changing but to be guided by which country you are visiting. For instance, we are most likely to be going to Switzerland where there are different rules in some cantons. Where our family are is two years but the neighbouring one wants annual jabs. As usual, there is a 'but' in there somewhere.