Radio 4 asked people for phrases they'd like confined to Room 101

Strange how many look like Churchill though.


Give it up for…(insert person)

Ce n’est pas normal

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I’d forgotten “awesome”…can’t abide it

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The only time I will use this word is when I actually watch a miracle happen on the scale of turning water into wine!

Not that often then :slight_smile:

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‘Reach out to’ when they mean ‘contact’ grrrr


Starting a sentence with -

“Yeah, no”

so-and-so has passed … (when they mean … “died”)


Oh yes

Not a phrase but a couple on Escape to the Chateau DIY continually call each other baby!

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I know the two you mean, saw them yesterday. I wanted to slap him!!

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I don’t like ‘passed’ or ‘passed away ‘ particularly or the use of sleeping to refer to death ( except I don’t mind ‘ born asleep ‘ for a baby) I remember years ago a doctor left then came back and asked where one of our long term patients who had died in the interim had gone. ‘ He’s gone to his celestial home ‘ replied my colleague ‘ Oh’ said doctor ‘ is that a new nursing home in Fulwood ‘


C’est compliqué…

Guilty :frowning:

Mostly at work though…

Yeah, that really gets on my ****

Well it would be in Fulwood wouldn’t it?
Or perhaps St Annes.

The beautiful Gers

He drives me mad too everytime he calls his girlfriend babe or baby. Hasn’t she got a name? (finger down throat)

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I’ve forgotten how to start a new topic . . .