Radio broadcast for literary culture in Poitou Charente

I have been asked to do a regular broadcast on the events in the world of Literature in this region.

If you know of events that could do with a mention then please post on this thread.

Thank you


Too right! Get a good author platform going. How are your book sales going?

It all sounds very technical and fascinating! Do you know Helen Miller in Angouleme? She's a British writer and broadcasts in English on the local radio there - could be a good contact for you.

Hi Kerry. Why not contact Sandie George who reviews books for Living Poitou-Charentes magazine - she may already be a contact point for literary events in the region. Also I believe the Circle de Missé do writing courses, so they will probably be aware of anything literary. And of course Gordon and Jocelyn Simms + Glyn Pope from the St Clémentin festival must have lots of contacts. Finally, there's a European literature festival in Cognac every November, so that often attracts English-speaking authors. Hope this helps. Let us know when and where you're broadcasting!

BIG event this weekend in St Clementin (79). Bilingual Literary Festival - over three days! Obviously too late to promote it now ..... but it could be reviewed!! Lots of work gone into it, and lots of "names" there!!