Radio broadcast on Tuesday

My first broadcast covers the St Clementine Literary festival and the Manga exhibition in Angouleme.

The broadcast, that I recorded for CKCU-FM 93.1, will be on the air this Tuesday, 2 Oct. 2012, at 9:05 EDT in Canada - 15:05 CET in Europe – right after BBC World News. It can be heard at that time on 'streaming' live.

You can listen to it here live.

After the event I will post the transcript as a blog post and link to the podcast.

If you want me to feature your event then please contact me.


Do you have the link to the podcast yet?

I'll email you a photo.


That was absolutely brilliant. I'm an honest person, not a flatterer. You should be very proud of the broadcast.

Best wishes


I'm assuming that your broadcast has been recorded ready to go out. If not can you include that the next St Clementin Literary Festival will be at the end of August 2014. (Excellent re: the next broadcast, thank you.)

Just posted your earlier details on Facebook.

Best wishes


Looks good. Great stuff, Kerry. I look forward to listening.

Best wishes

Glyn (VP St Clementin Literary Festival)