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Is anyone else having trouble buying the Radio Times in France at present ?
We used to have a choice of Tabacs, plus a supermarket or two where we could buy a copy each week, but for the last couple of months it has just not been available.
Is it still available in other areas of France or has all the distribution been stopped here ?

We check it on line:

Go to you favourite tabac and place an order for it.

You can also download a digital version at

Didn’t even know you could - clearly not a sought after item in my area !

This is obviously a consequence of nurture over nature. I can remember going to a friend’s house as a child and being surprised that the Radio Times and the TV Times held pride of place in the sitting room. There was nothing like that in our house. Publications like that just haven’t featured in my life so I’ve never felt the need to buy them. I’m still surprised when people mention them now even more so when those people live in France and the Internet gives us access to good TV listings anyway.

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It’s not so much the TV listings themselves that are the problem as we can get those onscreen through the satellite box. What we miss are the articles related to the programes that give a further in depth knowledge, and also the quizzes, puzzles, and crossword.

Our village Bureauliste (who normally sells 5 or 6 copies a week) says that there is a ‘Greve’ which is preventing the delivery of some publications. So I’m wondering if it is just the west of the country that is affected or if it is a national situation.

Tis true that the unions representing magazine distributors regularly seem to organise strike action, at least once every year / 2 years. Maybe that is indeed the reason.

I thought people only bought the radio and tv times at Christmas, that was the only time I saw them as a kid. :wink:

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I remember my Gran had a very “posh” cover into which the Radio Times was carefully placed each week… :joy: :joy:

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