Rain water

(Roz Russell) #1


I have a rain water butt but I don’t like using the water on my veggies as it smaells like a sewer is there anything I can do to purify it…

Also it makes the leaves on flowers go brown help


(neil whitehead) #2

Try keepng the lid on. Downside is that it breeds the mozzies if it gets hot. We now have a pump and don’t need to haul watering cans full from our 4 x 500lt butts and we need to get more as we have cut three downpipes and fed them into a new one and they soon fill up. Trouble is the rear of our house looks like an oil refinery!

(Roz Russell) #3

Hi John, we do this everytime, I guess it is because the rain is coming off a 200 year old roof and also due to the fact that it isn’t used while it is raining so it is standing for a week or so and it is becoming stagnant

(John Alcock) #4

Hi Roz i had a similar problem back in the uk, when i emptied the butt out it had algae growing inside so perhaps a good clean out may solve the problem bit messy and smelly but cheaper than new butt

(Roz Russell) #5

it is about 9 years old and plastic John

(John Alcock) #6

How old is your water butt is it metal or plastic

(James Higginson) #7

Charcoal filtering would be a possibilty http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message366842/pg1