Raised terrace - permission needed? Work already done

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We moved into our property of haute savoie 6 years ago. 3 years ago we had a terrace added as part of a landscape of the garden. I rememeber asking the company of we needed permission and was told it was fine. The surface area of the terrace is about 14sqm. There is a path on one side of the terrace and from that side the terrace is raised 30cms. However the other 2 sides of the terrace are the garden which ranges from 38 to 50cms off the ground as our land is midly sloped and uneven. I recently had a chat with someone who seemed to think the local cut off hight is 40cms (thats unconformed and i can find nothing on the internet)

I really wished i’d approached the marie at the time rather than just taking this companies word for it. I accept this was naive on my part. Its been on my mind a little that we may have an issue if we sell. My question is what would you do? We are potentially selling or planning an extension in the next year or so, both which would involve potentially exposing this to the marie. Thanks in advance :wink:

I think for anything like that you need to do a declaration en Mairie, I seem to remember doing one for a terrace - but if you do it retrospectively you should be ok. Just grovel a lot.

I’m quietly confident that if you go to your Mairie and explain, just as you have here… you will be treated kindly. They aren’t ogres… honestly.

Be brave !! :+1: :+1:

National rules are:

Déclaration préalable de travaux : pour les terrasses surélevées ( plus de 60cm de hauteur ) à condition que la superficie de la terrasse soit inférieure à 20 m². Permis de construire obligatoire : si la terrasse est en hauteur (plus de 0,60 m) et fait plus de 20 m².

Since 50cm is pretty close to 60cm probably best to déclaration préalable with a note (or personal visit) apologising that you hadn’t realised!

Good to know. Does anyone know if I need permission to put uo a simple metal railing around a roof terrace that doesn’t have one yet? I feel it’s a safety issue, would hate for anyone to fall off!

How long has the roof terrace been there… ???
It’s strange that it wasn’t constructed with some sort of safety barriers… I would have thought such would have formed part of the Planning request…

I’ve no doubt there are regulations about heights etc of safety barriers… so check with the Mairie asap.

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