Rammonage.. chimney sweep - 2020

Just a reminder… it’s that time of year… again… :thinking: :relaxed: :relaxed:

cheers Graham…

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Why now? We’ve already started using our stove. We generally get it done in May/June or July…

Well, Stella is a fan of the sweater wearers. At least that is what I am practising, because I was too late to get an appointment, but next Saturday I can finally turn the stove on!

Ore do it yourself

I am only throwing the reminder out for those who might have overlooked… I had, until I read a thread elsewhere…

In our village, we often get birds/ bees and all sorts in the chimneys over the summer… not all of us, but it makes us a little extra careful…

the villagers get their chimneys swept at the beginning of the cold weather and many get them swept twice… just depends on what they are burning (I believe)

If you don’t want the reminder… simply ignore it… :wink:

I admit I had a fire before the Sweeps appointment … but I was extremely watchful and it didn’t last long, just enough to defrost the house… :crazy_face:

A few years back, next door had a fire in a chimney which we share… that was very unnerving… firebrigade were magnificent but I don’t want to go through that ever again…

I completely understand! A fire in the chimney is the last thing I want, therefore 2 sweaters keep me warm until the rammonage!

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Our chimney sweep actually prefers to do it early in the year just after we’ve stopped using the stove; he says its easier if the soot is fresher.

For bajan, do check your house insurance. Many of them will not cover you for fire if you don’t have a chimney sweep”s certificate.

Why does it matter if you’ve started using the fire? Surely they can still clean it the following day?

Ha ha… it only matters if there is a blockage… :crazy_face:

but I checked and the smoke seemed to be escaping as it should… but fires can happen even in the best regulated chimneys… :crazy_face: so, it’s nice to feel confident once the Sweep has been…

Just up the road seemed to have a million bees in one of their chimneys this summer
(first time for that householder and they are hoping it will be the last)



My insurance for the house needs a certification for cleaning of chimney and here, in my village in Gard, it’s twice a year! I had a new log stove fitted in February so the job was done in 5 mins, one happy sweeper!

I have heard of some insurance claims being refused even when not chimney / fire related. Failing to have the chimney swept and being able to produce the facture (correct word?) could be a breach of the insurance contract and lead to refusal of claim.

We sweep our own - often 3 x a year if we feel they need it. I know there are some insurance companies that are OK with it but tbh I’ve not checked mine.

@fabien any thoughts?

Finding one can be a bit of a challenge…

Can I throw the “smoke alarm” into the mix on this thread… :thinking: :thinking:

A few years back, there was quite a ruckus… and (certainly locally) Insurance companies were keen for folk to fit them…

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Where i come from you can take a corse in chimney sweeping and with that you are safe with the Insurance companies maybe there is something like it in France too

I was thinking it must be about 5 years since we had one installed…

It’s still blinking… which means the batteries are still good… :wink: