Ranitidine recall

France has just followed USA in recalling Ranitidine and Zantac. Apparently the FDA have found that the generic contains an impurity that has carcinogenic properties. (Note this impurity is found in many foodstuffs, but that doesn’t seem to bother them). Greece, Cyprus and Ireland have done so too. But not the UK as yet.

Anyway, be aware that your prescription may not get filled. I was sent away with omeprazole which I hate as much higher risk!


Ummm…thank you for your concern but I really don’t need to be told about needing to weigh up benefits and risks!

Not sure why you need to know my worries, but after 10 years on PPIs my GFR was starting to drop. And being on immune suppressants also makes me concerned about C.difficle. So I asked my MT to change me over, which she did happily.

Sanofi and Sandov, the two main manufacturers, have pulled their stock. Had I known about the recall, since it seems to be the process rather than the core drug the risk appears to be low, I would have stocked up in advance!

If you mention your worries as part of a conversation, people are bound to ask!!


Absolutely! But there are ways and ways of doing so…

I take omeprazole, but I am going to try and get by with just taking artichoke capsules.

Which didn’t work, still reflux.

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Have you tried Maalox ? (maux d’estomac) - quick acting as and when needed.

Stella and Jane,
I am also asthmatic, so need a preventitive, not just if I have a problem.
Thanks for the advice though.
I am seeing my GP in a few days time and will ask his advice.

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Perhaps he didn’t like the way his attempts to help were treated


Bearing in mind that the forum is open to the world, posting in-depth info on any given subject is very useful.

I know that I can rely on PF to give a full and unambiguous response to anything I write. I’m left wondering if your reaction to his reply is simply a case of you not fully appreciating his good intentions… :slightly_smiling_face:


My grandmother made black pudding, much more useful.

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