Rapel Conso product recall site

A site that lists food products being recalled

Also lists other categories.

An interesting point, as every time I just happen to ‘stumble’ across a product recall I often wonder how folks are generally meant to actually get this information?? Is it simply a case of having to intentionally check websites like this before you consume anything :grinning: obviously not, but it does make me wonder sometimes, especially if it’s a serious recall with a specific food contaminated with something particularly nasty :scream:

Auchan and Intermarché, at least the ones I visit, have boards in the store with alarming pics and print outs for products they sell that have been recalled. Not much help for products bought elsewhere.

What made me look was this warning with link posted in Connexion

Sold all over France. We eat a lot of rice chez nous and recalls do happen periodically, which is really no big surprise considering from where it is imported. What is strange is how much slips through the quality tests I assume are done. But then again, imagine the tonnage of rice to check!