Rate of pay

For those who employ or are employed as a cleaner of houses whats the going rate purely for cleaning

To carry on this thread although its been a while, we are building up a small but happy group of people we clean for mainly single elderly but have been asked to take on a Gite which sounds more like full property maintenance than just cleaning and change over, we have been asked to quote by the hour but it would seem a considerable number of hours would be needed or is this a normal list as follows


- House to be hoovered and dusted before each new guest.


- Kitchen floor to be cleaned

- Cupboards cleaned

- Fridge cleaned

- Microwave cleaned

- Little oven cleaned

- Hob cleaned

- Sink area and top of work surfaces cleaned including under microwave, kettle, little electric oven

- Main oven to be wiped over and kept clean (if it needs a complete clean then realsie this may take longer)


- Shower, bath and sinks and toilets all cleaned

- Floors all hovered and cleaned

Cleaning materials

- There is a hoover and cleaning products on site. Please replenish stocks and we will reimburse costs. E.g. cleaning fluids, bin bags, some loo rolls to be provided and anything else needed in the kitchen. Please keep receipts.

- Hoover to be emptied regularly.

Bedlinen and Towels

- If bedlinen and towels needed for guests then each bed made up and towels laid out – all bedlinen in boxes in the spare space in the loft space through the door.

- Bedlinen all numbered and corresponds with each room. When bedlinen washed it then needs to be put back in the corresponding room or box so it stays organized and easy to find.

- If bedlinen and towels not needed beds need to be made neatly ready for guests.


- Weeding outside the front door so the approach to the property looks well maintained.

- The grass needs to be cut regularly so tenants can use the swing seats up on the hill. The mower may need some maintenance

fill you in on any other maintenance jobs.

On top of this would you be happy to be the contact for emergencies to do with the property?

We expect the guests to come to us at first, they will have our contact details but it would be good for them to have you as a back up living locally.

If you are happy with this then I foresee the guest coming to us firstly and if the problem cannot be solved remotely we will come to you, if you are around. We have other people we can go to but we hope you can be 1st point of call.

Similarly if handymen need to be called out then would you be happy to co-ordinate and we will reimburse costs?

It would be great if you could be available easily by phone and email if this is the case as well.


1) Changeover and house clean with no linen changes ( some people will being their own towels and linen) -

2) Changeover and house clean with a full linen change (6-10 people)–

3) Changeover and house clean with a small linen change (e.g. if 2-4 people staying) –

I am trying to find someone to help with our changeovers which of course involves cleaning and contacted a property management "specialist" who advertise mainly to the Brits - cleaning was 17 and other work like gardening was i think 25 and pool care a bit extra maybe 28 euro per hour.

I think a lot depends on the circumstances as if you are there to supervise the work then you may be ok at 10 euro , but if you expect a bit more ie working to a high standard unsupervised and with some additional tasks then i would be prepared to pay a higher rate.

It has to be worthwhile ............

That's if you are using cheque emploi probably the SMIC but you will need to pay holiday pay (10%) and contributions on top of that so it will work out around 14€ an hour. If you pay someone who is self employed eg auto-entrepreneur then it should be a minimum of 15€ per hour. If you are paying someone 10€ it's on the black.

We pay 10 euros an hour, its a good round figure

I would suspect it is not more than the minimum SMIC rate: 9,43 €/hour brut.