Rates for teaching English one to one and on-line

Hi, 3 really nice people that I know have asked me to teach them English (I am fully qualified) does any one have an accurate idea of what rates to charge in the midi.

for one to one tuition, small group or on-line ?


Hi Sandie

How long is a piece of string... I've only ever taught in organisations CCI, IUT, lycée, where I haven't had to set fees and also because the pay is far higher than private work. Speaking to others who do teach privately they range from some here who accept the chéque emploi so the smic up to others who are nearer 20 euros an hour but that seems to be rare privately acadomia are around 17€ and hour i think (needs checking as i haven't looked for a long time). then you have the CCI as a vacataire it's 29€ and as an indépendant it's 40€ and hour, IUT is 40€ an hour too. 40 an hour as inb both situations they don't have charges sociales to pay.

Bonne chance ;-)