Re-registering a UK registered vehicle

I am in the process of re-registering my UK registered car in France.

I have got most of the necessary documentation but I understand that

a tax is payable on first registration. How is this calculated - I've heard

that it is based on emissions. I don't want to be landed with an enormous

tax bill on an old 1999 car that's probably only worth a couple of thousand


Thanks Vic, I do wonder if it is worth all the hassle, but it is in pristine condition and

I did it years ago with my 1981 Honda CB 750 custom. With my lack of French at that time it was a nightmare. I finally got it registered but the correct bike model is still not registered in the C. G. My bike was 24 years old at the time & had I known it would have been easier to wait a year & register as a Moto De Collection. I'll try & find the file if you want as my memory is vague as to the process. I do know it took me about a year & they made me jump through lots of hoops. Best of luck.

Help please , I have to register a BMW bike here, it has been in the garage for ten years , exported by me here and stored, it runs perfect, I have had the light changed to conform with the French regulation , first I have to obtain the conformity certificate , got in touch with BMW France had the papers emailed today , I see I have to take the bike to the gendarmerie or police as stated in one section , am I translating this correctly , to ensure it has a saddle for two persons, passenger foot stands and hand grips, it is an ex metropolitan BMW K100LT , is there any member that has done a similar thing!!!

jesus, I had not understood the complicated calculation and thanks to David Gay's link, I understand I don t have 3000 euros to pay but 300! Ahh big SIGH, thank you David!

I think you may be confused with the eco tax on new vehicle registrations, the only cost for registering a second hand vehicle is the Préfectures charge which is based upon the Number of Chevaux allegedly pushing the vehicle round

I'm pretty sure that if the car is over 10 years old, you only have to pay half the amount.

Thanks everyone

The link below allows you to calculate the puissance fiscale of your vehicle on line. The puissance fiscal as the rubric explains is the result of a calculation based on the power output of the vehicle and its emissions of CO2. It should not be confused with the more familiar horsepower. Having calculated the puissance fiscale you can use the same site to find out how much the carte grise will cost.

Our son has just done his 2001 Clio. The visit to the impots for their certificate didn't bring any tax bill. however there is a cost for the emission of the carte Grise, for his 5Cv 2001 car it was just under 74€

hope that helps