Ready-made hollandaise sauce - do I have to heat it?

I’m poaching a couple of salmon fillets which we’ll have cold/tepid with salad this evening. I’ve a small pack of Maggi hollandaise sauce in the fridge - can I use it straight from the packet? Or do I have to heat it first?

I suppose it depends on whether you want it hot or cold…just saying​:thinking::grin:

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I love good food and trying new things and I’m sooooo embarrassed that I’ve never tried hollondaise!!! How did it go? did you heat it in the end?

Super easy to make, you just need patience. SO delicious :heart_eyes:
Arm yourself with a pyrex bowl sitting on a saucepan of water (not touching the water) and a whisk.
Squeeze a lemon and put some salt and pepper into the juice.
Chop 200g of butter into equal sized bits, ice-cube sized is good.
Whisk 3 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of cold water then put them in the pyrex bowl. Heat and whisk until it starts looking mousse-y then add the butter a cube at a time, whisking. Once you have added all the butter whisk in the lemon juice.
Now stuff face with delicious hollandaise :grinning:


I was actually thinking that when I read about the paquet stuff, I’ve read it is really easy, I have fresh eggs from my chooks, I have NO idea why I’ve never tried it! OK tomorrow I’m going to go online, find a recipe and make it! Unless you can post your recipe @vero and I’ll use that??

Done :blush:
If for some reason it looks like splitting just chuck in a spoonful of cold (or hot) water, apparently this sorts it out. But it is super easy, I am a rubbish cook and it always works.

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I tried the all-in-one method once and to my great surprise it worked! But you have to keep heat low and whisk, whisk, whisk. ( I could feel my grandmother and mother turning in their graves)

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I love hollandaise but cannot eat because of the lemon juice which cannot be heated sufficiently to destroy the enzymes which make me ill.
You can use Bearnaise instead or just plain herb butter.

You don’t have to use lemon juice…could use a nice vinegar or even a few drops of white wine.

But then surely it’s not Hollandaise sauce but something else?

But still nice…

I use a white wine vinegar infused with tarragon, and for serving with Asparagus I add more chopped tarragon at the end…
works well. It doesn’t have to be lemon. recipes usually asking for acidity