Real Ale?

Hi All,

Before I moved here I had considered setting up a micro brewery but was told the market was saturated and therefore dismissed the idea.

However, since I’ve been here I haven’t come across a single outlet or heard of a single micro brewer.

I’m in the Charente and would appreciate any info regarding availability or anyone’s experiences with this.

My original plans were to brew a bottled conditioned beer because of the problems associated with longevity etc.

Thanks in advance for any input…Cheers!!!

Hello. I can see that this is an old thread, but I'm trying to do a similar thing (set up a micro-brewery). I've found it difficult to actually get any help via the Douanes (never answer my emails) or any other brewer here (same response). As for there being too many micro-brewers here, well that's just rubbish. There's definitely a market for traditional British Real Ale here I'm sure of it. That's what I'm going to brew anyway.

Thanks Steve for the input.

What I was particularly interested in was "Real Ale" as we call it the UK. In other words, a brewery set up by Expats.

Like the one James kindly gave me a link to.

Most, if not all of what I've tried thus far in France has been keg beer (pressurised) I've yet to see any gravity fed or beer pumped in the traditional (UK) way.

When I went to the 1st Tarare beer festival in 2011, I think someone said that there were about 150 micro breweries in France with the largest concentration being here in the Rhone Alpes where there were 49 at that time.

Most of those that I have visited do seem to concentrate on bottled beers which is a shame as I do prefer draught.

Here is a list of 5 in Dépt 17

Thanks James, no I hadn't is the simple answer.

I'll have a good read and that may prompt some more questions....Watch this space!! lol

Have you seen this Robert?