Real Estate Agents Aude

Looks like we are going to receive an offer on our house here in Savoie so thought we had better start looking for something where we want to move to - The Aude. So does anyone know of a good real estate agent in the Aude?

We want to set up a Chambres d'hôte plus table d'hôte also I need space for my workshop and a place for teaching - ideally I will have a wet studio for fabric dyeing, screen printing etc and a dry studio for sewing, patchwork and other low mess activities.

Oh and of course we don't have an enormous budget.



Hi Margo

I work as a full-time agent in the Aude, P-O and Herault. We do have a number of B&B properties on our books so if you want to call me on 06 43 09 91 34 or at