Real Translator Jobs

Just spotted an ad for this site you have to pay to join. Has anyone paid and is it a scam? It sounds too good to be true to me!

the link does work Wendy - I haven't had anything from them for weeks ;-)

I found an unsubscribe link and followed it, fingers crossed no e mails since!

if you type in Real Translator Jobs and Scam you will find a lot of unhappy people..

Thanks Andrew,

I think you're right, I'm not going to pay to find out for says you don't even need to be able to speak english very well!!

Hi Wendy

As a Freelance translator i was intrigued, especially reading their advert and the promises. It sounds way too good to be true and very very far from the truth; you don't need to be really fluent, just have a good idea... a few years ago I translated documents concerning repair work on a nuclear power plant. Would you give it to someone who just had a bit of an idea and wasn't really fluent!!!

Main international site for translators is there are a few others; translators' cafe etc where jobs are posted and you bid. Suffice to say competition is fierce and there are plenty of well qualified very capable translators who can't find enough work so I think this is way too good to be true! But please let me know if I'm wrong ;-)